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Green Monster Vs. 1FastWS6

LT1 on Spray Vs. '02 WS6 with H/C and N20.


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Stock R6 VS. Trans AM
Driver says his car beats bikes all the time... STOCK R6 said outherwise

In Car Video of LS1 At the Track
Sorry about the lack of editing. I don't have the software right now. This is me in my 2000 LS1 Firebird Formula. This was about a 4500 RPM launch on a Textralia clutch and Moser 12-Bolt. I know I'm granny shifting but that's how my tranny has lasted me 7 years and over 117,000 miles without ever being cracked open! This run was about a high 11 to low 12 second pass at about 116 mph.

Dig Racing: LS1 vs LT1 vs G8 vs Mazdaspeed3
LIKE ON FACEBOOK!!! http://www.facebook.com/BadBowtieProductions Mods in video. LT1 Camaro SS LS1 Camaro SS Mazdaspeed3 G8GT *all footage was filmed on a closed course in Mexico.

Vintage Drag Racing, 1955 World Series of Drag Racing
Footage of the 1955 World Series of Drag Racing in Lawrenceville, IL. Includes Art Arfons' Green Monster 2, a 20 foot long, six wheeled car powered by a 2000 horsepower Allison aircraft engine. It was hitting 100 miles per hour in the quarter mile at this event. Green Monster Number 2 was painted by Arfons' mother to resemble the World War II Curtiss P-40 Flying Tigers fighter airplane, with an open mouth showing large teeth. The top speed of the car was estimated at 270 miles per hour, and it could reach 140 miles per hour in eight seconds from a standing start. Running on passenger car tires, the car required four wheels on the rear drive axle to withstand the power. At the World Series of Drag Racing in Lawrenceville, Illinois, it clocked the highest top speed at 132.35 mph, and eventually went on to a world record of 145.16 mph.

matt's 10.0 run
lt1 on spray

My Trans Am vs. Robert's SRT4
Edinburg Race Track (02-08-08) Stage 2 SRT-4 vs. my T/A

408ci Ws6 no spray vs Whipple Cobra
LME 408ci no spray 501whp STREET TIRES spin spin spin spin 2004 Cobra Whipplecharged 633whp Et streets close race.. I think the WS6 would have pulled away with better tires..

race 2: 93 camaro v 06 mustang
talk about how old pushrod technology is, how its a miracle the LT1 even runs. Must have been a fluke because that Mustang is over 13 years newer and has twice the cams! twice the cams and 1.5 times the valves! it must be at least 2.5 times as fast!

96 Impala SS "Black Pearl" nitrous pass
355 LT1, H/C/I, bolt ons, 150 shot... first 11 second pass- drag radials limited the 60 ft. to 1.81... 28x10.5's soon to come....

Wheels up! N2O Launch
LT1 Camaro launch on Nitrous!

8/25/09 8.33 pass @ Edinburg International Race Track
Race Car

K20 All Motor ProFunction Civic vs. LT1 Camaro
K20 All Motor ProFunction Civic vs. LT1Camaro- Motor to motor- Slick to slick- heads up run for a little cash. What a great way to spend a sunday morning.

Nitrous Trans Am pops a sick WHEELIE
Built LT1 Nitrous Trans Am pops a sick WHEELIE at Great Lakes Dragaway

LT1 vs GT
Procharged 02 Mustang GT vs Stroked 383 LT1 on Spray

1995 LT1 355ci Camaro SS Drag Race Nitrous 11.87 @ 116.35
My LT1 running a 11.876 at 116.35mph with a 100hp shot of Nitrous. http://www.cardomain.com/ride/822457

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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2006 Ducati Monster S4R: 10.513 @ 125.340


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