Green Monster Vs. 1FastWS6

LT1 on Spray Vs. '02 WS6 with H/C and N20.

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Shooting My Glock 19
This is me shooting my Glock 19 at a local shooting range. "Rapid" shooting is not allowed so I went for accuracy.

Dallas Raceway 7 25 09
Fast93Z and Chopstix making a few passes

1FastWS6 Vs 10 Second Mustang
Another 1FastWS6 video. Heads, cam LS1 with Nitrous vs Mustang with Nitrous.

Wifes 9sec daily driven WS6 vs. 8 sec Mustang
My WS6 daily driver and 8 sec Mustang do battle Finals CR track day Rockingham NC