Cushman Trackster ATV

Trackster with a four stroke Honda engine. No need for hand controls as it is all run from a joystick on the dash. This one was made in 1972. Several of my friends in wheelchairs have these.

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Cushman Trackster in snow, Part 2
Part 2.

Cushman Trackster for sale $2500.00 or BO
Trackster for sale 9/15/2008 for $2500.00 or BO. Sorry SOLD

1975 Cushman Trackster
Me and my dad taking the 1975 Cushman Trackster out for a spin. He's driving and I'm filming with my GoPro Hero 3

Cushman Trackster's First Run in Pond after 18 yr Sitting Idle
Early 70's Cushman Trackster with Home Made Replacement Tracks Taking its First Run in About 18 years.