Lazze Metal Shaping: Hand Built Dragster Body

Look at the first drive of a Lazze metal shaping dragster project. He makes a drag racing body for a client. Lazze uses the English Wheel, the shrinker/stretcher and the bead roller to sculpt and craft the body of the racer. Lazze builds a dragster body

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Steve's Auto Restorations Presents Advanced Metal Shaping with Colton Hardison
Colin Hardison, of the internationally esteemed Steve's Auto Restorations, Portland, Oregon, introduces the many aspects and techniques used in automotive and other applications of metal shaping. Demonstrations include how to use a Pullmax machine to perform a bead, a wire edge and a 90-degree bend, how to make a pattern for, and cut, the roof insert of a 1933 3-window Ford Coupe, and much more. In this DVD, youll learn: How to create a pattern for a metal shape How to use a foot shear The important use of oil on metal when shaping Speed control techniques How to trim a blank AND MUCH MORE! To order this 32 minute DVD, visit

Reverse curve panels with a 'hot dog die'
Creating a reverse curve (anticlastic) in a sheet metal panel using a pullmax type recriprocating machine. Couple people have asked about the car. The build saga is documented on the AllMetalShaping site at: you can see the latest photos there. Much of AllMetalShaping is not visible to non-members but this portion is.

Louvers in a Bead Roller?
In this video Lazze shows an experimental set of dies in the bead roller. These dies aren't available for sale yet. The bead roller allows curved louvers and other shapes in the metal for ultimate creativity. This can be done with almost any bead rolling or beading machine. For more information on Lazze books, Lazze metal shaping tools made in the United States, DVD's, and hands on classes as his facility in California, See