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BFT kumanda kopyalama
BFT kumanda kopyalama

Mitto 2 old and new programming procedure
How to programme a BFT Mitto 2 (2 button) Transmitter.

BFT Mitto & B RCB TX4 compatible remote control - Solidremote SR-B1 is fully compatible with BFT MITTO 2M, MITTO 4M, TRC, B RCB TX2 and B RCB TX4 garage door remotes, suitable for most BFT roll up remotes, sliding door remotes, slide gate remotes and swing gate remotes as well as all other current BFT radio automations. If your receiver is BFT control panels with LCD Digital display 1. Scroll to RADIO in the control panel 2. Select ADD 3. When prompted 'Hidden Button' Hold down button 3 & 4 simultaneously for hidden button (programming mode). 4. Control panel will show the number (number of remotes programmed in) i.e 05 for the fifth remote coded to the control panel. 5. Press the button on your remote control (usually number 1) that you would like to operate the gates (other buttons can be used in the control panel at the same time for pedestrian operation or normal operation or for another set of BFT gates/ garage or with one of our receiver boards wired into another brand of gates/ garage doors) 6. Exit programming usually by pressing + & - simultaneously. 7. Your remote is now ready for use. If your receiver is BFT Clonix standalone receiver 1. Press and hold desired channel CH1 or CH2 to enable programming. 2. When prompted with flashing LED hold down button's 3 & 4 simultaneously for hidden button (programming mode). 3. Then select desired button on the remote control. 4. Your remote is now ready for use.