escort mk1 440 mopar v8 500bhp

old retomotorsport car

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The Ford Escort Story

My V8 Mk1 Escort alive at last
Me and my chum Johnny start my Mk1 up after 3 years of it being in pieces. Johnny forgets to switch the fuel pump on - bless him!

Orange Escort burnout on sunday at Easternats 2009
Orange Escort burnout on sunday at Easternats 2009

8-second V8 Escort - Ian Hampstead
This is a video of Ian Hampstead's Rover V8 powered Mk1 Ford Escort lifting the front wheels when launching.. This was the first car to run in the eights at Santa Pod in the Rover V8 Challenge sponsored by Real Steel of Uxbridge. The car ran the 1/4 mile in 8.97 at 145.6mph in August 1995. The Escort uses a TVR Power 4-litre (244 cubic-inch), quad Weber, Rover V8 with Nitrous. A Liberty 4-speed gearbox and a nine-inch ford rear end. The car and engine were home-built by the owner Ian and a few friends. The car was never sponsored which makes the feat of running into the eights even more impressive.