mazda 323f 1.8 dohc turbo

First ever Dyno run of my 323f. Results are not impressive, but they are good for current setup. Final result - 165 Hp, 195 Nm. Garrett T25 incoming, aiming for something in 200 Hp zone :) Engine: 1.8 dohc (BP) - 89-94 naturally aspirated. Compression ratio - 9.2 turbo - IHI VJ11 (stock Ford Probe turbo) ECU - stock GTX ecu Exhaust and Intake manifold - stock GTX (BPT) FMIC Ignition - retarded just to be on the safe side :) More -

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mazda 323f bg turbo (precious)
mazda 323f bg turbo

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Mazda 323F BG White Angel
m'n 2 auto ! Song : gouryella - walhalla

turbo mazda
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