SSF: 4 way - Cammed Camaros. Cobra. Turbo S2000| LS3 Vette vs Turbo S2000

ShiFtSlow Pictures: S2slw: turbo S2000 DatBoi_LS3: Stock LS3 Corvette Boofthese: Cammed LS1 Camaro Bash: Bolt on Cobra SZ28: Cammed LS1 Camaro (auto) 3

More Videos... Films: S2slw ( turbo S2000 @10psi ) vs Sicksonic (490HP Bolt on Cobra ) S2slw: turbo S2000 @10psi Sicksonic: Bolt on Cobra (490HP)

Corvette F1R vs S2000 Turbo vs R1
King of the street

490HP Cobra. Turbo S2000. LS3 & LS2 Corvettes
Shiftslow Pictures: Sicksonic: Bolt on cobra S2slw: turbo S2000 Datboi_Ls3: Stock LS3 Corvette Dirtyjohn: Modded LS2 Corvette 1

62mm Turbo S2000 vs. Nitrous H/C LS1 Camaro
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