lincoln mark viii

another clip of the 93 lincoln mark viii i just got rid of. we took the car to the junk yrd but before that we hacked off the Exhaust right after the cats. the car sat for 3 yrs and ran alright. check it out. i bet if done to a car that ran great this would sound real good.

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1993 Lincoln Mark Viii
Quick walk around of car that I just purchased.

1997 Buick Riviera VS 1997 Lincoln Mark VIII
Buick division comparison of the 1997 Buick Riviera VS 1997 Lincoln Mark VIII

Strutmasters competitor's kit on a Lincoln Mark VIII
A customer had previously purchased a new competitor's kit and had it installed into their Mark VIII with unsatisfactory results. We replaced the Competitors new kit with a Strutmasters suspension kit, and the customer was extremely happy with the results. (

Inside the Lincoln Mark VIII
1995 Lincoln Mark VIII "Panther Edition" LSC. As you can tell its no different than any other Mark VIII cosmetically except for the 'panther badge' on the fender (not shown here). This car did NOT look like this when bought, this is the results of piecing together a neglected car back to 'life'. It was bought for cheap, didn't have a hood, faded paint job and damaged front (had no grill). (R.I.P 9-23-11 no thanks to a local repair shop who MUCKED it up far worst than what it was.) In the back ground is "Old Silver" the 1989 Lincoln Mark VII "Bill Blass" edition. Film clip taken when we were cutting the grass one day. Had to move the cars around to make the yard look spiffy.