335i vs supercharged corvette vs 2013 mustang 5.0 vs hades vs nitrous civic

Music is Clint Mansell - Dead Reckoning and Armin Van Buuren - Mirage

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190mph on the highway in a 1000HP Supercharged Corvette
Vortech YSi Supercharger on a C6 Grand Sport Corvette. (car actually made 1,090 on the Dyno) https://www.facebook.com/BadBowtieProductions Bad Bowtie Productions BBP

Supercharged Mustang Cobra 517hp - A MUST SEE!!! O_O
http://stangfunds.us Discover how YOU can make the kind of income it takes to drive a High Performance car at: http://stangfunds.us Supercharged Mustang Cobra 517hp

C5 LS1 Exhaust Kooks headers, Offroad Xpipe, Corsa Touring catback
Sound clips of car and Deftones - pink maggit

2011 mustang gt paxton supercharger. quick drive.
Just showing how it sounds with the stock axle back Exhaust and off-road x pipe. the car made 621 whp at the Dyno. it has 4.10 gears and stock 18" pirellis. traction is a major problem at the moment. I cant really get on it because im holding the phone in one hand to film. This is more for sounds than anything else. I will get a goPro from a buddy later this week and make some cool videos. windows are up and a/c is on. shit comments are allowed and wont be deleted.