02 Ford Focus w/ powerworks supercharger. 213whp 1


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Jackson Racing Supercharged Svt Focus with Big Boost Kit HD
This is my 2002 Svt Focus with a Jackson Racing Supercharger w/ the big Boost kit. Pushing 10-12Psi. Check out my other videos!!

Ford Focus 1.5 Tdci Powershift Test 120 Ps (2015) İnceleme
►Detaylar: http://fcstr.com/TdciPsTest 1.5 Tdci 120 Ps 300 Nm (4.7 - 3.9 - 4.2 lt) ►Fiyat: http://fcstr.com/PowerShiftFiyat ►Detaylar: http://fcstr.com/FocusMCAGenel ►Test: http://fcstr.com/FocusMCATest ►Kıyaslama Test: http://fcstr.com/MCAtest ►Detayları: http://fcstr.com/OyunŞimdiBaşlıyor

Ken Block tests the 2016 Ford Focus RS
Ford asked Ken Block to test the prototype 2016 Ford Focus RS at the company's facility in Cologne, Germany. http://www.testdriven.co.uk/2016-ford-focus-rs-revealed/

skyline GTR vs. Ford GT