Power Wagon and DR 2500 at Moab

2005 Power Wagon and a built 2500 DR at the start of Hell's Revenge. Sorry about the audio at the end. Something is jacked.

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5th Annual Power Wagons in Moab - Leif on Escalator
Our 5th annual trek to Moab to put the Power Wagons to the test. We really should stop testing them, they've proven themselves over and over. ;-) We did Hell's Revenge this year and had no problems conquering Hells Gate (all six Power Wagons went up that one and I'll post the video here in a bit), and The Escalator which three of the six Power Wagons did. None of us have ever attempted these obstacles so the first two trucks through took a couple light scratches on the rear quarter panel and by the time we brought the third Power Wagon up we had the line dialed in so he was kinda bummed that he came out of it with no badges of honor to show anyone.

Power Wagon and DR 2500 at Moab
A red 2005 Power Wagon and white built Dodge Ram 2500 (it's pretty close to a PW) on Hell's Revenge.

Jeep crash in Moab - NO ONE WAS HURT!!!!!!!!!!......much!
I made it up Potato Salad Hill ok but then tried Mickey's Hot Tub on Hell's Revenge.......BIG MISTAKE! Believe it or not, I only scratched my knuckle. We since have rebuilt the Jeep.......for the second time.........but this time no more weenie stock roll cages! Thanks Poison Spider! I still go to Moab twice a year but now we detour around Mickey's Tub. I just bought a new Rubicon Unlimited, so Brad my son now drives this rebuilt Jeep. Love Jeepin'!

2005 Dodge Power Wagon Zuki Hill Golden Spike Moab
My buddy Carlos making Zuki hill on Golden Spike in Moab look like a mall parking lot speedbump. 3rd annual Power Wagons in Moab trip.