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http://www.RightFace.us Change of pace video. Non political. Watch and be amazed with old car racing footage from the good ole days. In the early days of automobile raving they did not use seatbelts and roll cages were not even thought of. One famous racer of the day, Eddie Rickenbacker went on to fame as our leading Ace in WWI and then owned the Indy 500 race track and was President of Eastern Airplines. Great soundtrack on this one!

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Shell History of Motor Racing The Heroic Days 1902-1951
Rennaufnahmen und Crash´s aus der guten alten Zeit, sind mehrere Teile von 1902-1951 die ich zusammengefasst habe.

Sports Cars Crashes: Mind Blown Accidents Sports Cars Racing Fails Amazing Crash Compilation 2015
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Gone Too Soon: Fatal Crash Compilation & Tribute
WARNING: This video contains matierial that some may find disturbing. Viewer discretion is advised. This video is meant as a tribute/memoriam to the officials, spectators, and crew members who have passed away much too soon. They deserve much more recognition then they get. Song: Bad Company - Seagull Clips: 1960 Indy 500 - 2 spectators are killed when a scaffolding collapses. 1990 Molson Indy Toronto - Official Jean-Patrick Hein is killed when he is struck by the car of Willy T. Ribbs. 1996 Molson Indy Toronto* - Official Gary Avrin is killed when he is struck by the crashing car of Jeff Krosnoff 1955 24 Heures du Mans (24 Hours of Le Mans)* - 83 spectators are killed when they are struck by either the debris from the car of Pierre Levegh, or the vehicle itself. 1977 Citizen South African Grand Prix* - Official Frederick Jansen van Vuuren is killed when he is struck by the car of Tom Pryce. 2000 Rallye de l'Yonne* - 4 spectators are killed when they are struck by the out-of-control vehicle of Marco Massarotto. 1983 Fuji Masters 250 Kilometres* - An unknown photographer is killed when she is struck by debris from the vehicle of Toru Takahashi. 1961 Gran Premio d'Italia* - 11 spectators are killed when they are struck by the either debris from or the vehicle of Wolfgang Von Trips. 1986 Rallye de Portugal - 3 spectators are killed when the out-of-control car of Joaqin Santos veers into the crowd. 2:45-2:52 - Unknown flagman is presumably killed when struck by an out-of-control car. 1990 Donington Park 200 Gold Cup - Spectator Ray Plummer is killed when he is struck by debris from Alan McNish's vehicle. 2008 Prazsky Rallysprint - 3 spectators are killed when struck by an out-of-control car. 2000 Goodwood Festival of Speed* - Official Andrew Carpenter is killed when struck by the out-of-control vehicle of John Dawson-Damer. 1996 1000 Lakes Rally - Spectator Ludo Briers is killed when he is struck by an out-of-control car. 1957 Mille Miglia* - 9 spectators are killed when struck by the crashing car of Alfonso de Portago. * denotes crash that also took the life of a driver. R.I.P. to all those who have gone too soon. We will never forget.

Fatal motorcycle racing crash compilation
The most remembered deadly crashes in the world of motorcycle racing.