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http://www.RightFace.us Change of pace video. Non political. Watch and be amazed with old car racing footage from the good ole days. In the early days of automobile raving they did not use seatbelts and roll cages were not even thought of. One famous racer of the day, Eddie Rickenbacker went on to fame as our leading Ace in WWI and then owned the Indy 500 race track and was President of Eastern Airplines. Great soundtrack on this one!

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Gone Too Soon: Fatal Crash Compilation & Tribute
WARNING: This video contains matierial that some may find disturbing. Viewer discretion is advised. This video is meant as a tribute/memoriam to the officials, spectators, and crew members who have passed away much too soon. They deserve much more recognition then they get. Song: Bad Company - Seagull Clips: 1960 Indy 500 - 2 spectators are killed when a scaffolding collapses. 1990 Molson Indy Toronto - Official Jean-Patrick Hein is killed when he is struck by the car of Willy T. Ribbs. 1996 Molson Indy Toronto* - Official Gary Avrin is killed when he is struck by the crashing car of Jeff Krosnoff 1955 24 Heures du Mans (24 Hours of Le Mans)* - 83 spectators are killed when they are struck by either the debris from the car of Pierre Levegh, or the vehicle itself. 1977 Citizen South African Grand Prix* - Official Frederick Jansen van Vuuren is killed when he is struck by the car of Tom Pryce. 2000 Rallye de l'Yonne* - 4 spectators are killed when they are struck by the out-of-control vehicle of Marco Massarotto. 1983 Fuji Masters 250 Kilometres* - An unknown photographer is killed when she is struck by debris from the vehicle of Toru Takahashi. 1961 Gran Premio d'Italia* - 11 spectators are killed when they are struck by the either debris from or the vehicle of Wolfgang Von Trips. 1986 Rallye de Portugal - 3 spectators are killed when the out-of-control car of Joaqin Santos veers into the crowd. 2:45-2:52 - Unknown flagman is presumably killed when struck by an out-of-control car. 1990 Donington Park 200 Gold Cup - Spectator Ray Plummer is killed when he is struck by debris from Alan McNish's vehicle. 2008 Prazsky Rallysprint - 3 spectators are killed when struck by an out-of-control car. 2000 Goodwood Festival of Speed* - Official Andrew Carpenter is killed when struck by the out-of-control vehicle of John Dawson-Damer. 1996 1000 Lakes Rally - Spectator Ludo Briers is killed when he is struck by an out-of-control car. 1957 Mille Miglia* - 9 spectators are killed when struck by the crashing car of Alfonso de Portago. * denotes crash that also took the life of a driver. R.I.P. to all those who have gone too soon. We will never forget.

Formula 1 1950s - Crashes and Aftermaths
Various crashes and aftermaths during Formula 1 races, championship or non-championship. Seen here are: 00:00 - 00:36 - 1950 Monaco GP Pile-Up (involved: Harry Schell, Franco Rol, Cuth Harrison, Maurice Trintignant, Toulo De Graffenried, Robert Manzon, Louis Rosier, Luigi Fagioli, Nino Farina); 00:36 - 00:57 - 1950 Penya Rhin GP, non-championship, Franco Rol crashed and killed two spectators; 00:57 - 01:06 - 1951 BRDC International Trophy, Robert Manzon stalls and gets hit by Toulo De Graffenried; 01:06 - 01:20 - 1951 German GP, Yves Giraud-Cabantous' crash; 01:20 - 01:52 - 1951 Spanish GP: various spins and crashes (Robert Manzon, Gigi Villoresi, Nino Farina, Chico Godia); 01:52 - 02:08 - 1952 Turin GP, non-championship, Nino Farina's crash; 02:08 - 02:23 - 1952 Swiss GP, George Abecassis' crash (the speaker says Caracciola, but he crashed during a sportscar race later that day); 02:23 - 02:45 - 1952 GP Dell'Autodromo di Monza (not to be confused with the Italian Grand Prix), non-championship, Juan Manuel Fangio's car after his serious crash (he'll be out for the rest of the season); 02:46 - 03:04 - 1952 German GP, Felice Bonetto and Jean Behra collide during the first lap, then Robert Manzon loses a wheel and is forced out to the race; 03:04 - 03:29 - 1953 Siracusa GP, non championship, aftermath of Tom Cole's fiery crash (you can see him smiling near the burning car); 03:29 - 03:44 - 1953 Pau GP, non-championship, Nino Farina, Johnny Claes and Jean Behra's aftermaths; 03:44 - 03:58 - 1953 Internarionales Avusrennen, non-championship, Wolfgang Seidel and Kurt Adolff's crashes; 03:58 - 04:15 - 1953 British GP, Mike Hawthorn's spin; 04:15 - 04:27 - 1953 Italian GP, aftermath of Alberto Ascari and Onofre Marimon's crash; 04:27 - 04:52 - 1954 Siracusa GP, non-championship, aftermath of Froilan Gonzalez and Mike Hawthorn's fiery crash; 04:52 - 05:04 - 1954 Belgian GP, Roberto Mieres' car on fire; 05:04 - 05:18 - 1954 German GP, aftermath of Onofre Marimon's fatal crash during practice; 05:18 - 05:41 - 1955 Pau GP, non-championship, aftermath of Mario Alborghetti's fatal crash; 05:41 - 06:03 - 1955 Argentinian GP, Carlos Menditeguy and Pablo Birger spin out of the race, then Birger's car, then Alberto Ascari's wrecked Lancia; 06:03 - 06:36 - 1955 BRDC International Trophy, non-championship, aftermath of Ken Wharton's fiery crash; 06:36 - 07:24 - 1955 Monaco GP, aftermath of Alberto Ascari's crash into the water; 07:24 - 07:56 - 1955 Belgian GP, Jean Behra's crash and aftermath; 07:56 - 08:21 - 1955 British GP, Lance Macklin spins out of the race; 08:21 - 08:59 - 1956 Belgian GP, aftermath of Stirling Moss' near-crash after he lost a wheel. He, then, returned to the pits to take Cesare Perdisa's car; 08:59 - 09:16 - 1956 French GP, Colin Chapman's crash during practice; 09:16 - 10:42 - 1956 British GP, aftermath of Tony Brooks' fiery crash; 10:42 - 10:50 - 1956 Italian GP, Eugenio Castellotti's crash; 10:50 - 11:13 - 1957 Glover Trophy, non-championship, Roy Salvadori spins and Jack Fairman crashes into the barriers; 11:13 - 13:08 - 1957 Monaco GP, aftermath of Stirling Moss' crash, actual crash of Peter Collins, followed shortly after by Mike Hawthorn; Then Horace Gould'd wrecked Maserati is seen, then Carlos Menditeguy's wrecked Maserati; 13:08 - 13:21 - 1959 Glover Trophy, non-championship, first is seen Hermano da Silva Ramos' crash, then Ken Kavanagh's aftermath (the speaker says their names the other way round); 13:21 - 14:09 - 1959 Monaco GP, aftermath of Wolfgang Von Trips, Bruce Halford and Cliff Allison's crash; Then Phil Hill's spin; Then Harry Schell going slowly after a crash; Finally, Ron Flockart's spin and, then, his car; 14:09 - 14:34 - 1959 German GP, Dan Gurney hits Masten Gregory; Then, the famous crash of Hans Herrmann.

Old School Classic Vintage 80s Car Racing Crashes. Rare and unseen
Every type of motor racing crash possible. From around the 80's Had to re-upload due to song copyright. Original: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n9SJ_F7YFOA

Old Car Races and Crashes
These guys were real madmen! Historic footage from the glory days of car racing. Music by Definition Of MadMen www.definitionofmadmen.com