Taupo Drifts Aug 2009 - MadMike in Pit's 2

Taupo Drifts Aug 2009 - MadMike in Pit's 2

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Mad Mike, RX7, Malaysia 2009
Overseas footage of the man himself, "Mad Mike" Whiddet in a drifting championship sponsered by Redbull in Malaysia 2009...

Mad Mike RedBull RX8 - D1NZ Round 2, Whangarei 2012/13 Season
Find Us On Facebook http://facebook.com/oversteertv Mad Mike Whiddett in the Redbull Mazda RX8, D1NZ Round 2 Whangarei, 2012/13 Season. Featured Music: 3 Rotor turbo Goodness Dont Miss The Action. http://oversteertv.co.nz

Mad Mikes 20b turbo RX8 'Fursty' PPRE
RX8, 20b, T51R. Introducing Mad Mikes latest ride and 'MADBULS' little brother....'FURSTY' Built and tuned by PPRE.

BAKE 'EM UP! | 1JZ Burnout through 5th gear
I won't be seeing the Nissan for a little while, so I thought I'd give it a proper goodbye. First a second gear burnout, then I decided to burn them through fifth, per Scotty's instruction. Totally worth killing a brand new pair of 225/40/18s. :)