1969 Z28 X77 CompCam NOSTALGIA 30-30+ SOLID

COMP Cams Manufacturer's Part Number CL12-673-4 Product Line COMP Cams Nostalgia Plus Cam and Lifter Kits Summit Racing Part Number CCA-CL12-673-4 Cam Style Mechanical flat tappet Basic Operating RPM Range 2,300-6,900 Duration at 050 inch Lift 247 int./254 exh. Advertised Duration 284 int./291 exh. Valve Lift with Factory Rocker Arm Ratio 0.504 int./0.498 exh. lift Lobe Separation (degrees) 112 Intake Valve Lash 0.012 in. Exhaust Valve Lash 0.012 in. Grind Number CS NOSTALGIA 30-30+ SOLID

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69 Z28 Comp Cams Nostalgia 30-30 solid lifter with Dynomax Super Turbos
2 of 2 comparison. This system is the Summit stainless 2 1/2 without H pipe or included mufflers. Deeper better sound now than Flowmasters but slightly louder at idle I think. Cam is definitely louder at idle than the stock 30-30 with both mufflers. Stock DZ302 with headers.

55 Chevy Street Gasser with Duntov 3030 cam

1969 Z28 DZ302 with 140 First Design Offroad Camshaft. Headers and Gardner Chambered Exhaust
Here is the car idling.

Soundbite of 1969 Z28 Camaro with Comp Cams XR274R Cam No. 12-770-8
Stock Z28 "DZ" 302 cu. in. motor with upgraded valve train including Comp Cam's solid roller cam 12-770-8, springs, lifters, push rods, cam button, and #1804-16, 1.5 ratio Ultra Pro Magnum Roller Rocker Arms. Initial timing set at 12 deg. BTDC, idle speed between 900 - 950 RPM. Results: Very responsive and reliable power from 2200 to 6200 RPM. Soundbite is through stock Exhaust manifolds and Exhaust system with the transverse muffler, and without resonators.