nissan patrol with trailer attempting gunshot

Gunshot ,Cape York, off road fun

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Gunshot Creek Failure (OTL Part 5)
Our Landcruiser attempting the Gunshot Creek crossing. It didn't quite make it... Part of our Cape York 2011 Adventure. Recorded on 5th of July, 2011. Part 4 - Part 6 -

Gunshot Creek Old Telegraph Track Sept 2015

Gunshot July 2015
GUNSHOT was a lot more difficult then last year. There is no easy way down gunshot but you can still go around on Bamaga rd ...If you are planning a trip to the Cape next year this vision may be handy.... To join our tagalongs for next year contact Bek or Marty at MNF 4x4 Gold Coast.

Water crossing gone wrong! Triton vs Hilux.
Costly mistake and a big learning curve. Feel free to drop your opinions in the comments below and any advice that can be taken for next time. Thanks. "Isaiah 53"