VW Golf II - 1.6 D Cold Start

This is my 1989 Volkswagen Golf II It was -19 °C. Approximately -2,2 °F. Enjoy :)

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Golf Mk2 1.6d cold start odpalanie -18C
Odpalanie Golfa dwójki przy -18 stopni celcjusza Świece żarowe stare, akumulator nowy. Old heater plug, new battery.

VW Golf mk2 1.6D, cold start at -11,7°C
In the last few years I've restored that Golf and now looks like that: http://s2.mojalbum.com/4626322_4968418_20694840/razno/20694840_z.jpg

GOLF 5 GTI Edition 30 Cold Start -25C
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vw golf 2 1.6d cold start -4 (prvo paljenje)
w golf 2 1.6d cold start -4 (prvo paljenje) Made in bavaniste