Buick 455 Stage 2 TA 413 Cam pt. 2

Buick 455 413 Cam Changed to Holley 850 DP with 1-inch spacer

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Buick 455 Built to 600 HP (584HP) Installed in Skylark @ Brew's Engines, LLC 2014
Buick 455 Custom Built Engine Installed in a 1971 Buick Skylark at Brew's Engines, LLC

Buick 455 (462) Idle Kenne Bell C118 Camshaft Seljord
My Buick Skylark 1966 Convertible with 455ci engine and TH200-4R Transmission. High lift Camshaft, Performer intake, High compression pistons.

my buick 455 idle voodoo cam
my new buick 455 idle pretty mild.

Buick 455 Dyno 800 hp
Break in and Dyno time on race Buick 455 engine