Opel Admiral

Опель Адмирал. Технические инновации. Компания "Антикварные Автомобили" - продажа, обслуживание и восстановление ретро автомобилей.

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Opel Kadett 1938
Opel Kadett KJ38, Opel Kadett 1938

39 Opel Olympia.
Flot 1939 Opel Olympia i Blåhøj.

Old Jeep + Chevy pick-up + Opel Admiral
Old Jeep + Chevy pick-up + Opel Admiral Watch in ultraHD + SUBSCRIBE #TOPEVERYTHING ★ Click to SUBSCRIBE for more awesome! https://goo.gl/BAV6go ★ MORE VIDEOS LIKE THIS ONE: Shoulder Rides That Will Never Be Forgotten, #5 Is Hilarious https://youtu.be/_xYWSqmMb8g Story: Old Jeep: Can you please bring along the old Jeep? Fanny was late and so she hurried up to the parking area where the Jeep was parked days ago. Of course the engine doesn t want to start! After several tries it comes to life. Fanny is happy - but then she notices that there are so many cars on the parking lot that it is difficult to come through. No servo steering,rough gearshift and stiff clutch!!! When Fanny leaves the parking lot she is totally Exhausted.... Chevy pick-up: Once a month Xiva is going for office equipment to the whole sale. Normally she likes this but the old Chevy isn't willing to start today. It takes her nearly 20 minutes to get him to life. But then she enjoys some revving before she leaves.... Opel Admiral: She loves her old Opel Admiral but sometimes she thinks she will sell it! Again it doesn't come to life! It only cranks! With these sandals she can't manage the pumping so she takes them off and goes on barefoot. ... and finally it starts! ★ Thanks for all your support bros, rating the video and leaving a like, comment is always appreciated!!!

Opel-CEO Dr. Karl-Thomas Neumann in Kapitän, Admiral, Diplomat & Monza
Opel CEO Dr. Karl-Thomas Neumann testet die Opel Klassiker. Reinschauen und nostalgisch werden! For more news subscribe to our channel: http://bit.ly/SubscribeToOpel. Follow Opel on: Facebook: http://bit.ly/OpelFacebook, Twitter: https://twitter.com/opel, or follow our Instagram channel: https://www.instagram.com/opel.