Datsun Sunny B310 Calder Park Off Street Drags 23.4.11

My 1979 Sunny, just through inspections for roadworthy after conversion, hits the track. Completely stock & fully laden in street trim. 205/50/15s struggled for grip. First run shows a 14.6s pass with wheelspin through 1st. Second is quickest 14.5 against a Volvo... Pulled clutch at 1000 rpm and drove off. Bit of a noob, really needed to drop tyre pressure a lot more (as I found out). Max spd 99mph Drove it 8hrs to the track, raced & 8hrs back, and the car held up beautifully. Car has a 13s pass in it, especially after a few mods... Few pics at the end.

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Datsun Sunny B310 with SR20DET
Just a quick run of the car. Going a little easy because a coolant leak was being checked.

DATSUN SUNNY (HB310, 1979) -with WEBER 32 carb.
Első út a karburátor csere (hitachi) után

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