Datsun Sunny B310 Calder Park Off Street Drags 23.4.11

My 1979 Sunny, just through inspections for roadworthy after conversion, hits the track. Completely stock & fully laden in street trim. 205/50/15s struggled for grip. First run shows a 14.6s pass with wheelspin through 1st. Second is quickest 14.5 against a Volvo... Pulled clutch at 1000 rpm and drove off. Bit of a noob, really needed to drop tyre pressure a lot more (as I found out). Max spd 99mph Drove it 8hrs to the track, raced & 8hrs back, and the car held up beautifully. Car has a 13s pass in it, especially after a few mods... Few pics at the end.

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Steven Thompson, Datsun B310 Coupe, 2015 Spring Rally SS1, New Zealand
Driver Steven Thompson Co-driver Karl Celeste 1980 B310 Datsun Sunny Coupe 1298cc Datsun A12 Engine Close Ratio Ford Rocket Box 5.1:1 limited slip diff Winner of 0-1300cc Class A by over 3 minutes, 15th overall from 32 finishers. 2015 Spring Rally Results More info 787592143&type=3 420026575&type=3

Calder Park May 6 2011 - Part 1
Action includes EASY8S Capri, Braggs dragster, RACENU, ITUFLJ Torana, HKCOUP Monaro, BLOGMH Falcon and more...

Calder Park Street Drags ~ Dec 19th
From the last street meeting at Calder Park for 2014. Large variety of cars. Holden, Ford, Chev, Chrysler, Subaru, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Mazda, Mercedes, Volkswagen. Get your track gear! Follow us on social media @ Google+ Facebook YouTube Twitter Instagram Calder Park, Australia - December 19th 2014.

We were invited to get some footage of Alex's weapon Datsun 1200 ute which is prepared by the Pac Performance team in Sydney. It was a very eventful night with highs and lows... just watch the video, you'll get the idea