Big turbo SRT4 vs cam only ls2 gto vs cam fast intake LS2 GTO

camera car- LS2 GTO 6 speed fast intake boltons cam 456rwhp far lane- LS2 GTO 6 speed boltons cam 420rwhp SRT4 - 50 trim turbo boltons pump gas 400whp roll street racing

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Srt4 vs GTO

408ci SS vs H/C LS1 WS6 & 2012 5.0 vs Cammed LS2 GTO
LIKE ON FACEBOOK!!! Critter- LS2 GTO- cam 6 speed boltons Samsel450R - Formula WS6 - 6 speed heads/cam 9 inch 3.73s 98 SS- 6 speed 4.30s 408 L92 heads -508rwhp Plus wheelie on the street!! I do not own the rights to the song! All rights belong to the artist and recording company! Used under the "fair use" law! Footage is enhanced with video editing, and done on a closed course with professional drivers.

ChixGTO: Garage Cam Swap - Before, During & After
For easier ways to follow me day-to-day follow me on my blog: Facebook: Instagram: G+: d=111250943333518647796 I created this video for fun out of some old footage I never posted of Pipsqueak's cam swap in our garage. The cam was done middle of 2014. The first driving footage is from my first drift event in 2013. The car, and myself, were terrible. I couldn't rev the engine for fear of oil starvation and the engine was not responsive at all. Plus the suspension and differential were mostly stock. The after driving video is from 4/26/15 after the TSP 233/239 112 LSA cam swap. It has been a perfect cam for drifting - very responsive and makes good power up top. I also have a full Accusump oiling system from Canton Racing to give me peace of mind when I'm going sideways on the rev limiter. The car also now has cut knuckles, adjustable front arms, coilovers, welded differential, and bigger swaybars.

GTO Nightmare
Final cut of the GTO video. Missed out on a few shots such as the big burnout due to weather constraints. I think it came out pretty well though. Enjoy! Be sure to comment. 2005 Pontiac GTO Cold Air Intake Kooks Muffler Deletes Throttle Body Spacer Audio - Tracks utilized, in order, include: "Dub Step Remix" Scott Cupp is a film and TV composer in the late 80's and early 90's he was a well known studio keyboardist and has worked with a lot of major groups like, Whitesnake, Ozzy, and Guns N Roses along with others. If you are interested in purchasing tracks, Scott can be reached at He makes quality tracks at affordable rates!