Hillclimbs Devils Staircase 2011

Oregonia Ohio Devils Staircase Hillclimb Dayton Motorcycle Club

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Hillclimbs Devils Staircase 2014
Oregonia Ohio Devils Staircase climb 2014

8 Year old does Huge Hillclimb!
Devil's Staircase Hillclimb 2010 , Really cool... the crowd went wild!

Honda XR200 Wrecks Riding and More!
Good fun Laughs and Wrecks hitting the trails! He aint bad for an over the hill old fart just learning to ride! ;) Just messing with you bud! http://www.youtube.com/user/blackwaterinkman

Hillclimbs Devils Staircase 2013
Devils Staircase Hillclimb Oregonia Ohio