Ranger mais baixa do Brasil (body drop)

Reportagem da Rede Globo, sobre a pick up mais baixa do brasil www.zeroacem.blog.br

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Invisible Body Dropped Taco
SEE HOW THE TRUCK IS NOW.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y-cT7CbSJX8&list=TLN8fOdMfQPgA THIS TRUCK IS UNDER CONSTRUCTION IN THE VIDEO!! Chris Simonson's 2001 bagged and body-dropped Toyota Tacoma. 18 inch Niche Rhines. Custom control arms Chromed engine components Fully Functional A/C Toyota 4runner electric rear window. Shaved everything and suicide doors. Shot the video during teardown before paint. Will be on the show circuit in the coming months. Chris Simonson Justin Woolison Tucson, Arizona "We Don't Know- D-WHY" LOWMEDIA 2012

Body Dropped Ford Ranger Show Truck
This Ford Ranger Blew Me Away I Person. I have been watching the guys at the Little Shop of Horrors build up this truck and to see it all completely done and in person was spectacular. The attention to detail that went into this build is just Amazing and I can guarantee that you will never find another one like it.Not in this world anyways. These Guys Build Some Amazing Rides.

Bodydropped 1981 Chevy C10 Custom

upstate society feature of my bagged and body dropped toyota tacoma
Bagged and body dropped toyota tacoma minitruck. Show truck