Toyota Solara TRD supercharger

2.5 inch stainless steel "Dats" y pipe, 2.5 inch test pipe/cat delete, 3 inch OBX catback, 5.5 psi TRD M62 Supercharger

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350Z vs. Solara
Now for an even run. Patrick in my car now and all the weight in my back (tools, cleaning supplies, golf clubs, jack)allowed him to come back on me. All excuses :-) DEFINITELY close races.

Solara _Driveways_
Couple clips i through together. Solara

toyota solara burnout
deace burnout hahaha. tarrin trying to get rid of the old tires

This is a 2002 toyota solara TRD. It's a rare model which came with a 5 speed manual and Supercharger that bumped power up by about 50hp. Other options that are included with the TRD package are a Toyota installed short shifter, upgraded suspension (this one has had the struts replaced) and wheels (also replaced).