Tunnel Run in Peugeot 106 XSi with mates Nissan S14 200SX

was with my other pals Fiat Coupe turbo aswell but he was behind us

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Peugeot 106 XSi Turbo on dyno
262 in engine, 220 at wheels. 298Nm 1360cc 8 valve, standard block.

Peugeot 106 GTi Conversion
From A Totally Standard Peugeot 1.1 To.. 1.6 Engine, Port, Poilshed and Skimmed Molcal 13 Row Oil Cooler Cold Air Ram Air Intake 4-2-1 JanSpeed Manifold, Heat Wrapped OMP Front Upper Strut Brace Twin Fan Set Up Gti Suspension Gti Front Brakes Gti Rear Beam And Brakes 15" Peugeot GTi-6 Cyclone Alloys In Gloss Black Full Gti Body Kit Front Bumper De-Badge And Smoothed Gti Driver And Passangers Side Wings Saxo VTR/S Wing Mirrors De-Wipperd Rear Fibre Glass Bonnet With Lockable Flush Areo Catches And De-Badge And Smoothed Full Respray In Original Tangerine Orange Interior Fully Stripped Carbon Fibre Door Cards Font And Rear Carbon Fibre Blanking Plates For Any Other Holes. Flocked Dash, Pillars And Console Water And Oil Temp Gauges Corbeau Bucket Seats Sabelt Harnesses

106 Xsi 1.4 8v morto over fuel
Concentração tuning de Fafe 2012 , brincadeiras entre amigos.

Peugeot 106 Clutch Change
How to replace the clutch on a Peugeot 106 with the 1.1 TU Engine. (Although other engines in the range should be similar, as well as the saxo and other cars using the same engine/gearbox such as the 206 and c3) My Grandparents drive this car and they get through clutches very quickly their previous car had a new clutch put in it every year owing to their driving styles my grandma can't hear so she never knows when to change gear and rests her foot on the clutch all the time and my grandpa has the car in the highest gear possible it usually is in 5th gear before it has reached the end of the driveway. They need an automatic car instead. Its an easy enough clutch to change, the worst bits are getting the gearbox back in, and lining up the wishbones to go back into the hubs, the release bearing is also a bit tricky to keep in place while refitting the gearbox its very easy to hit the release arm on the gearbox while moving it into place and knock the bearing out of place. In all the clutch kit cost £49 and the two bottles of oil cost £15 so its not an overly expensive job to do.