Changing Thermostat Volkswagen Golf Mk 4 1.4 16v

Changing Thermostat Volkswagen Golf Mk 4 1.4 16v

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How to Replace a Volkswagen Coolant Temperature Sensor 1.4 16V AHW
Poor Idle, Won't Start, Loss of power, poor fuel economy ?? VW Coolant Sensor could be the cause of your problems

Replacing a Thermostat
See the simple instructions for replacing a Thermostat. Visit your nearest Supercheap Auto store or visit us online - or

Mk4 Golf tdi thermostat, alternator and fan belt replacement, Ed China style gloves!
This is a brief "how to" on changing your thermostat on a Mk4 Golf TDI with a PD engine. As I chose to remove the alternator and fan belt to do it you can also consider it a "how to" on replacing the alternator of fan belt.

Motortemperatursensor wechseln zb ( VW Lupo ) Temperaturanzeige geht nicht
K├╝hlmitteltemperatursensor = Motortemperatursensor ;-) Drosselklappen Grundstellung Polo / Lupo usw