1987 Jordan rally.

Group B rally cars existed in the middle east rally championship after they were banned elsewhere.

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Saeed Al Hajri Dubai Rally Audi Quattro Rothmansاستعراض سعيد الهاجري
Qatar 2022,Saeed Al Hajri in Dubai International Rally with Audi Quattro Rothmans Rally Team Rally, سعيد الهاجري محمد بنسليم ناصر العطيه رالي دبي الدولي

Jordan Rally 2013 - Video Accidents
Check out these couple of incidents from the Jordan Rally and how the fans helped the drivers get back on track. https://www.facebook.com/Biser3a http://twitter.com/biser3a http://instagram.com/biser3a

WRC Rally Jordania 2011 Día 3 - Power Stage
WRC Rally Jordania 2011 Día 3 - Power Stage

Qatar rally 1997
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