Mitchell Wing U2 - test flight

First short flight with Calles Mitchell wing U2 after repair of main spar and motor mount. I was only about 3 meters above the runway and landed after about 200 meters.

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Mitchell B10 with Zenoah G25 engine. One pull.
For sale on ebay. 11/5/14. Listing number 131339010704.

Verhees Delta, a FAST, tiny homebuilt airplane
It is small, only 50 HP but ...has cruise speed of 220 km/h. Its single retracting wheel gives the idea it is tricky on the ground, but it is not. Also stable in the air. Uses 13 liters/h at cruise speed. Has tank of 50 liters. So ...ideal to travel.

Zdravotni stav
Bezpečnostní kampaň - civilní letectví

Scotty Winton Opel (Australia) **FLYING WING**
Australian ultralight designed and built by the late Scotty Winton. Scott was also responsible for the Ultrabat and the Sapphire