Mofo Productions- Big Block Malibu vs Hyabusa and GSXR 1000

Big Block Malibu vs Hyabusa Big Block Malibu vs gsxr 1000 on spray 402 GTO vs LS1 Trans Am stroker and a lot more!!

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Mofo Productions- BBC Malibu vs 351w Mustang-Stang vs Busa
BBC Malibu on spray vs 351w spray Supercharged Mustang vs Hayabusa 1998 Cobra vs 350hp Mustang GT

800 SHOT OF NITROUS SPRAYED ON THE DYNO. 600ci big block Malibu
600 cubic inch big block and 800 dry shot. no numbers posted due to this being a private session for the owner seeing where he was on the tune. Follow my Facebook page.

Big block chevy lawnmower road test
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gto's cobras gt35r civic and ls1's going at it..