Supercharged M3 with AA stage 2 kit

Brian's M3 equipped with AA Stage 2 Supercharger, Headers and full Exhaust, Vorsteiner body parts and Sparco interior. This car put down over 500 hp at the wheels on a Mustang Dyno and was built by The Driver's Image of Skokie Illinois. Please check them out

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Insane! Widebody Supercharged M3 Drifts & Fly by Exhaust Clips
This is just a quick video basically a walk around of Bruno's Eurowerkz Widebody AA Twin Screw Stage III SuperCharged E46 LSB M3 from 2008 DVD "The Speed of Dark" The dvd is SOLD OUT and no longer available so I figured I would post up some of the clips. GODSPEED DVD is out now!!! Stay tuned for a more action packed video feature of this car!!!

BMW E46 M3 Dyno Run Full Supersprint Exhaust, AFE Intake, Shark Injector
This Video is the final wrap up for the E46 3-part Project Car, the M3 in this video has had the Full Supersprint Exhaust Installed including the Flanged Stepped Headers, Metallic Cats, Resonated Section 2, and Race Rear Muffler. Other modifications installed are the AFE Stage 2 Pro-Dry S Intake Kit, and Jim Conforti Shark Injector tailored to all of the before mentioned modifications. The final Dyno Numbers were 301.4 WHP, 226.59 WTQ. which is quite impressive from the stock baseline average of 268 WHP and 209 WTQ. (Baseline is averaged from multiple sources who have Dynoed Stock E46 M3's)

BMW m3 with m5 engine
E46 m3 with m5 engine

M3 ESS Supercharger VT2 550 HP
M3 E46 von ESS Tuning VT2 Stufe mit 550 PS