Racing "Ben" - my Mercedes 300D at Stafford Springs Run1

Me racing "Ben" - my Mercedes 300D around the course at Stafford Springs, CT, during the first wave of the weekend. Notice all of the snow still on the ground! Comments from the peanut gallery add a nice touch to this movie! :)

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More practice runs for "Ben" - Mercedes 300D Rally X
Running the practice loop in my Mercedes 300D for the 20th time.

NER SCCA Rally Cross - Mt Snow 2015
The 2015 edition of the NER SCCA Rally Cross was a great event, with really tight racing in many classes... with my car entered in two classes! The car is a 2000 Subaru Impreza RS with intake, full Tsudo Exhaust (much louder than comes through the go-pro), skid plate and used rally tires. Check us out at UPDATE: The suspension clunk was just sway bar bushings that needed tightening, score!

Mercedes 300D RallyX Practice Course Run
Taking the Benz through the practice track at Stafford Springs before taking another lap. :)

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