Wild Child Pro Mod Crash - North Star Dragway 6/4/2011

Wild Child Pro Mod Crash - North Star Dragway 6/4/2011 Thank You Carl Oberman and William Lockner of TexPic.net for the photos I shot a very similar accident last year http://youtu.be/R3hF-eFwX-4?hd=1

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Santa Pod Main event 2011. Engine explosion and car fire
Car On Fire!!! A racing car set on fire just before it was going to race down the race track at santa pod raceway in the uk . enjoy :)

Drag car goes air born, Camera man dives for safety!!!
CARNAGE FEST 2 DVD IS READY..... http://www.urbanhillbilly.us.....My recent close call from the Tomato Nats at Immokalee Dragstrip. Wishing a speedy recovery to the driver who was pretty banged up. I dove over the fence to avoid death..... Check out http://www.urbanhillbilly.us for more insane drag racing clips and DVDs

Mustang Has Horrible Wreck, INSANE CRASH!
turbo Fox Body Mustang Crashes at North Star Dragway in Denton Texas. Driver (CJ Peddy) is ok. Just a little banged up and sore. The roll cage did exactly what it was suppose to do and saved his life. Thanks to dfwgrudge for video footage; Visit there channel at https://www.youtube.com/user/dfwgrudge

Top End Excitement: Northstar Dragway
Every thing from Nitrous to nitro...it's all right here. Enjoy the head on view, and crank it up.