2011 Toyota Venza

SUV Body style not bad

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2017 Toyota Venza,Car
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2008-2013 Toyota Highlander Passenger CV Axle Replacement (Camry, and Venza Possibly)
Huge shoutout to the members over at Toyotanation.com! This video is a quick guide on how to replace the passenger side CV axle for Toyota cars, specifically the Highlander. I think the Camry, Venza, Highlander, and possibly the RAV4 share the same platform for this. Symptoms / Differential Diagnosis: The car (2011 Toyota Highlander V6 FWD with approximately 125k miles) was experiencing body shuddering/vibration at 40-45 mph ONLY on acceleration with no vibration at the steering wheel. Since there was no vibration specific to braking, I eliminated any brake problems. Additionally, since it only occurred on acceleration, I ruled out any tire balance problems. This lead me to drive line problems and I found help on Toyotanation.com. There was no play at 6/12 or 3/9 when the vehicle was on jackstands. There were no clunks or clicking noises either. Inspection under the vehicle revealed grease in a straight line from the inner CV axle joint, symptomatic of leaking grease from a spinning inner CV axle joint. Replacement of the passenger CV axle / inner CV joint solved my problems. Tools I bought: Slide hammer extension: https://www.amazon.com/OTC-17-1-Slide-Hammer-Extension/dp/B000P6WMHS Other tools needed (that I had) 1. Blue Loctite for reinstallation of nuts 2. 10mm, 14mm, 17mm, and 30mm socket (axle) 3. 21mm or 22mm for lug nuts 4. Impact wrench (recommended) 5. Torque wrench 6. Breaker bar if you don't have impact. 7. Ratching socket wrench 8. Corresponding extensions for wrenches 9. Hammer 10. Jack, jackstands 11. Long needle nose pliers 12. Anti-seize or grease 13. New cotter pin for tie rod end 14. Safety equipment (gloves, glasses, etc...) 15. Rags or paper towels 16. Brake part cleaner or degreaser 17. Drain pan 18. Transmission fluid in case any leaks Reinstallation torque specs: Bearing bracket bolt (on the passenger side only, the driver side does not have this) - 24 ft-lbs Lower ball joint assembly (the bolt and 2 nuts) - 55 ft-lbs Tie rod castle nut - 36 ft-lbs Stabilizer link - 55 ft-lbs Axle hub nut - 217 ft-lbs Lug nuts - 76 ft-lbs Rental tools: 1. Tie rod end remover: http://www.autozone.com/loan-a-tools/tie-rod-end-puller/oem-tie-rod-end-rem over-with-3-in-bolt/409628_0_0/?checkfit=true 2. Axle puller adapter: http://www.autozone.com/loan-a-tools/fwd-axle-puller-adapter/oem-fwd-axle-p uller-adapter/2061_0_0/?checkfit=true 3. Slide hammer: http://www.autozone.com/loan-a-tools/slide-hammer/oem-slide-hammer-with-18- threads/2047_0_0/?checkfit=true

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