1974 Duster restoration part 4

Built a paint booth, sandblasted entire car, 1st attempt at paint bodywork. Sprayed epoxy primer on the main shell.

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Dodge Demon 1971 Full Restoration
The demon resto step by step.

Wooden Car Rotisserie 1970 Plymouth Duster 340
This is a device that I created (though I stole the general idea from another guy on the internet) to flip the car that I am restoring on it's side so that I could sandblast and paint the bottom. It worked perfectly. My wife was manning the winch control. There were safety features in-place during the lifting process and while doing the work which are not shown in the video. Please use extreme caution if attempting a similar endeavor. You can learn more about the restoration of my 1970 Plymouth Duster 340 by visiting http://www.MitchAmatrudo.com/duster/duster.html

cars in barns -1975 duster first start since 1989 !!!
this is a car i dragged from the bush in northern BC hasn't been started since 1989 it fired up very easily after i replaced the ballast resistor and added fresh gas

Restoring a Plymouth Duster
This Duster came to us like a "pile of dust and rust". Without any new parts available we started what many thought was a sheer waste of time. But, it is one of the only 2 known here in Trinidad...so we set out on a "resurrection of epic proportions". Very few garages now take on this type of work...and most times because of the length of time it takes, it doesn't always pay. So...we do it because we LOVE it. Bringin back the Classics one at a time.