1974 Duster restoration part 4

Built a paint booth, sandblasted entire car, 1st attempt at paint bodywork. Sprayed epoxy primer on the main shell.

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1974 Duster restoration part 2
More disassembly. Great reference if you're working on an A-body.

1974 Plymouth Duster restoration part 1
1974 Duster bought off ebay in 2003, sight unseen. Paid $2276. Flew a friend out to San Francisco to drive it all the way back to Virginia, and the car made it with few problems (needed a radiator, tires, fuel pump). In 2007 I decided to start taking it apart to restore/modify it. Plans are to install a 408 small block/727 drivetrain.

1971 plymouth duster low budget restoration part #2
This is my 1971 Plymouth Duster low budget restoration. I started mt restoration about a year ago and still have a lot of work to do. Part 3 is coming soon

Restoring a Plymouth Duster
This Duster came to us like a "pile of dust and rust". Without any new parts available we started what many thought was a sheer waste of time. But, it is one of the only 2 known here in Trinidad...so we set out on a "resurrection of epic proportions". Very few garages now take on this type of work...and most times because of the length of time it takes, it doesn't always pay. So...we do it because we LOVE it. Bringin back the Classics one at a time.