2 JL 13 w3's In Custom Colorado

2 JL 13w3's JL 500/1 JL 350/4 4 memphis 6x9's yellow top, big 3

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JL Audio 13w3's in custom Box!
Old System

How to Recone a JL Audio 12W6 or 10W6 Subwoofer - Repair Rebuild
www.SpringfieldSpeakerRepair.com 1-800-397-9575 Step by step instruction on how to recone your JL Audio 12W6 or 10W6 subwoofer using the recone parts available from Springfield Speaker. FREE Shipping within the U.S. Kits are here: http://www.springfieldspeakerrepair.com/SearchResults.asp?searching=Y&sort= 5&search=jl+audio+recone&show=12&page=1&cat=1838 Call us with any questions. 417-501-4522 Mon-Fri 9-6 CST. We carry tons of Custom and OEM subwoofer and speaker parts and components.

JL W3 13
Some kid at custom sounds just bought these jl w3 13s so I got a lil demo. This is the same kid that tapped in the Gen

JL Audio 13w7 JL C5's 6.5" Alpine pdx-f4 Car Audio (1080p HD)
(check out my other Bass+SPL vid: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oUPU9Nghccs ) JL Audio 4 ever! This is my 145db system, clear, loud and ALMOST done, I'm getting my 1000/1v2 repair due some issue related to the low ohm light... JL Audio 13w7 (ported box 30hz) JL Audio 1000/1v2 JL Audio C5-650 components (4 doors) Alpine PDX-F4 Alpine CDA-117 Kinetik 2000w Optima Yellow Top Dynamat