GSR B18c TWM ITB First Start Up

TWM ITB's, swapped them in without have to modifying much of anything expect for the fuel lines. Each runner already had its own vaccum line that i used for the map sensor, temp sensor, brake Booster and PVC.

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Civic B16 240hp
SDP Autosport inc. Built this engine that can go at 11,000 rpm and still working on 91 octane fuel. The bottom is almost like a stock but head work is crazy. We made new runner with the Dyno sheet you seen. Head porting is very nice as you can see but we most keep our secret thank you for looking. And please visit our web site to see what else we can do !!!

S2000 TODA ITB with K-Tech Engine Open Air Intake Sound ( 33mm Funnels & 88mm Funnels )
Open Air Intake Sound. 88mm Funnels Gives much truque at low RPM

CIVIC B18C 1800cc all motor. dyno 235hp
CIVIC EG B18C6 1800cc / 236cv / 33°c. MOTEUR BILLVTEC pistons forgés haute compression / bielles forgées préparation culasse BILLVTEC guide bronze / sieges soupas cnc / soupape competition arbres a cames compétition collecteur admission prép s80 boite de vitesse 4 - 5th vti

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