8V71 Engine Install in a GM PD4106

After two and a half months, the rebuilt Detroit Diesel 8V71 with N65 Injectors and advanced timing goes back in~

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New Engine Start Up
After 10 weeks of turning wrenches, the bus is ready to back out! Except my camera ran out of memory!!!! I missed the "airing up" and "backing out" part!

8V71 Engine w/ 5" Straight Thru Exhaust
8V71 Engine w/ 5" Straight Thru Exhaust. Preparing engine

Vintage Bus GM 4106 Renovation Project Scope at Master Tech RV - Summer 2015
Chris & Cherie of Technomadia.com share the renovation project hit list left with Master Tech RV with in Elkhart. Our 1961 GM 4106 bus conversion was purchased by us in 2011, and we've been slowly making it ours as we live and travel full time in our home on wheels. This summer, we'll embark on one of the largest projects starting with a new paint job, which spawns bunches of other projects. This video was filmed after spending a week with Master Tech RV in Elkhart, IN to come up with the final game plan for the projects to be completed in June & July 2015. We go over the projects we're tackling, and why we're doing them now - and how they're all interconnected. Read more about our bus conversion at: http://www.technomadia.com/zephyr About Us: We've been on the road full time since 2006, working remotely the entire time - we love this lifestyle, and enjoy sharing about all aspects of it. We generally host and post a live video topic monthly (we pick a topic and host a Q&A session - www.technomadia.com/video for more info). We also post interviews with our nomadic friends in our Ramblings series, and share a monthly travelogue from our own nomadic travels like this one. Thanks for joining us!

Part 1; Installing new muffler on a GM PD4106 Bus Conversion
Part 1; After installing a new, higher HP Detroit Diesel 8V71 engine, I determined that the buses original muffler with it's 3.5" outlet is too small. It was designed to be quiet, but it doesn't flow enough for this new engine. Part 2 will show the new muffler installed!