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8V71 Engine Install in a GM PD4106

After two and a half months, the rebuilt Detroit Diesel 8V71 with N65 Injectors and advanced timing goes back in~


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GM 4106 Engine Removal
Pulling the Detroit Diesel 8V71 engine and Spicer transmission from a 1964 GM 4106. It took three of us 5 hours, and that included lunch and over a hour to lower the tow hitch.

General Motors' EN-V concept - we ride shotgun
TheChargingPoint.com recently got a ride in GM's incredible EN-V concept, designed to combat the problems of overcrowding, parking availability and air quality within the city of tomorrow. Read our report at http://www.thechargingpoint.com/2011/07/12/green-with-en-v-is-this-the-futu re-of-urban-mobility Music credit: danosongs.com

8V71 Engine Running
Starting up the 8V71 for the first time in over a year. The engine is going in a 1964 GM 4106 bus that's been converted to a RV.

Part 1; Installing new muffler on a GM PD4106 Bus Conversion
Part 1; After installing a new, higher HP Detroit Diesel 8V71 engine, I determined that the buses original muffler with it's 3.5" outlet is too small. It was designed to be quiet, but it doesn't flow enough for this new engine. Part 2 will show the new muffler installed!

Detroit Diesel 8V92 rebuild first start up Australia
Here is the first start up on a rebuild Detroit Diesel 92 engine for a mining drill with 587HP@2100 RPM and 538 HP@1800RPM go to www.shoeydiesel.com.au and our new sister site www.shoeydieselaustralia.com for more enquiries on buying or changeover engines to rebuild......Shoey

Fred Rayman drives my Scenicruiser April 10, 2010
In route to Oklahoma City, OK from "Scenicruise 2010" - Adrian, Texas. Fred takes the wheel of PD4501-771 from Shamrock, TX to Oklahoma City, OK. "Derf" is a retired bus driver with more than 30 years experience. It was an honor to have my friend Derf drive my bus again. Please visit: www.GhostsOfTheHighway.com for registration form and deatils about our latest antique bus event to be held at the restored 1930s Greyhound depot, in Blytheville, AR April 4-6, 2013 Registration forms are due March 11, 2013!

GMC Coach

NJ Historic Buses I
A day spent with the NJ Transportation Heritage bus guys at Lakewood NJ - August 20, 2011. There is some backround noise distorting the sound of the bus engines, from a mechanic at the auto repair shop next to the garage

Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park, 5/10/14, First Drive on Finished Track
It's Official! The Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park is finished! Although the weather was pretty wet, we got about 45 minutes on the early in the morning. I'm driving a 2001 Porsche 996 turbo, the same car we won 5 consecutive One Laps of America in. More video featuring a talk through by Lou, audio problems prevented me from putting that video up.

International Harvester TD5 Crawler Finally Running after 15 Years
This is a 1959 McCormick International TD5 crawler. The poor thing hasn't really been running in about 15 years, but was stored inside or covered up for most of that time. The engine was rebuilt about 10 years ago but never ran. The injector pump and injectors were rebuilt about 5 years ago. The main clutch and steering clutches were done, too, but it sat so long everything rusted solid. It took me several weekends (and one new set of steering clutch fibers) to get her moving again. The hydraulics are finished now and all that's left to do is install the grader blade and loosen up some seized pins!

GM Motorama Exhibit 1956
GM's Motorama exhibit in 1956 featured a film that looked into the far distant future of 1976 with predicted a jet age future with electronic digital displays and an On Star like central command that would guide us along our uncrowded path to adventures.

GMC Scenicruiser PD4501-771 interior resto. part 5
Began lower level interior restoration in Oct. 2009. Completed March of 2010. My website is www.tomsgarageonline.com

Scenicruise 2010 Wednesday
2010 Scenicruise Minneapolis to Adrian, Texas, 2200 miles, 7 days

Rescuing GM PD4106-1616 moves for the first time in 4 years
We're thrilled that the Connecticut Trolley Museum will be restoring this all original 1962 GM PD4106! Through the efforts of Brad Kelly, he donated the funds for the museum to purchase the bus from the owner. The bus was missing it's starter and had been sinking into the lawn for about four years. We installed a donated starter, some fresh batteries and she fired right off!

How a 2 stroke detroit diesel engine runs
I have a couple videos of my 2 stroke detroit diesel powered pickup here on youtube, and I have gotten hundreds and hundreds of questions about how in the world it runs, and lots of people who do not believe that it really is a 2 stroke. So, I'm sorry, I don't have the best voice in the world, and I'm not the best at explaining things or getting the right words to come out, but I did my best in this video to try to give you an idea of how it runs.

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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