Old Top Gear Vauxhall Astra MK4

Old Top Gear from 1998 Jeremy Clarkson roadtests the Vauxhall Astra MK4 (1998-2004) The model he is driving is the 1.6 CD This clip was extracted from the episode that was first broadcast on the 26th March 1998

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Richard Hammond reviews the 2000 Vauxhall Astra Coupe. Richard takes a look at its exterior, interior and other features.

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Ian Royle reviews the (1998) Vauxhall Astra and tests it's handling on the track.

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Top Gear | Season 17 Episode 4 | Full episodes
Jeremy, Richard and James talk about everything car-related. From new cars to how theyre fueled, this show has it all. On 20 September 2006, Richard Hammond was seriously injured while driving a Vampire turbojet drag racing car at up to 314 miles per hour (505 km/h) for a feature in the series. The BBC indefinitely postponed the broadcast of Best of Top Gear and announced that production of the series would be delayed until Hammond had recovered. Both the BBC and the Health and Safety Executive carried out inquiries into the accident.[18] Filming resumed on 5 October 2006.[19] The ninth series began on 28 January 2007 and included footage of Hammond's crash.[20] The first episode of the ninth series attracted higher ratings than the finale of Celebrity Big Brother[21] and the final episode of the series had 8 million viewers – BBC Two's two highest ratings for a decade. Top: Series 1 host line-up from left to right: Jason Dawe, Richard Hammond, and Jeremy Clarkson. Bottom: The presenters from Series 2 to 22: James May, Richard Hammond, and Jeremy Clarkson. A special programme, Top Gear: Polar Special, was broadcast in the UK on 25 July 2007 and was the first episode to be shown in high-definition. It involved a race to the North Magnetic Pole[22] from Resolute, Nunavut, Canada, with Jeremy Clarkson and James May travelling in a 'polar modified' Toyota Hilux, and Richard Hammond on a dog sled accompanied by driver Matty McNair. Clarkson and May became the first to reach the 1996 North Magnetic Pole by car, using the vehicle's satellite navigation. Since 1996, the North Magnetic Pole had moved approximately 100 miles (160 km). The recorded 1996 location is the target used by Polar Challenge and was used by the Top Gear team as their destination; the Geographic North Pole is approximately 800 miles (1,300 km) further north. On 9 September 2007, Top Gear participated in the 2007 Britcar 24-hour race at Silverstone, where the hosts (including The Stig) drove a race-prepared, second-hand diesel BMW 330d and finished third in class and 39th overall. The car was fuelled using biodiesel refined from crops shown during a tractor review in the previous series. Top Gear | Season 17 Episode 4 | Full episodes JOIN QUIZGROUP PARTNER PROGRAM: http://join.quizgroup.com/?ref=278642