Alan Szabo Jr. Trex 700 ALIGN 3G Flybarless This is the ALIGN upgrade kit to make your current 700 into a flybarless heli which is a plug n play system.

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Alan Szabo Jr. ALIGN Trex 800E DFC 850MX Dominator 2/5/2014 Out doing a flight with my 800E DFC at the field. Using the new Thunder Power 70C 6000mah packs.

Alan Szabo Jr. amazing safe landing at 2009 Align Fun Fly.
First round of 2009 Align Fun Fly, Alan damaged tail rotor of T-rex 700N.

T-Rex 700 Turbine WREN 44
T-Rex 700 Turbine full-HD (

CurtisYoungblood T-REX 700 Blade stop Crash