Jim Pace's 1948 Ford Anglia drgster

Chassis Type Handcrafted tubular funny car cage designed by J.P. Weight 2400 with driver Tread Width 48" Height 5'7" Wheelbase 95" Body Style 1948 Anglia coupe Body Modifications Chopped, channeled, sectioned, and stretched Engine Type Keith Black all-aluminum Chevrolet Displacement 540 cu. inch 1071 Mooneyham blower, enderely injected on alchohol Brodix aluminum heads Cam Comp roller with Jessell valve train Crank Crower Rods Bill Miller Pistons Wiseco Ignition MSD Pro Mag Engine Builder TOE Racing Engines, Suisun, CA

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Gene Lamay- blown alcohol 48 Anglia
Gene Lamay's first full run since getting this new car, 1948 Anglia that is running a 377 SB with 671 blower on alcohol. June 10, 2012 at Alaska Raceway Park. RIP Aug 2015: Gene was a long-time racer who, literally, “grew up at the track.” His father, Clarence, raced during the Alaska Polar Dragway days. Gene was an acclaimed chassis builder, noted for his attention to detail. Many of his creations are currently racing at Alaska Raceway Park.

1948 Fiat nostalgic gasser/altered
1948 Fiat Topolino nostalgic gasser/altered. Fiberglass body, 454 chevy engine, 350 turbo trans, Ford 9" with 4.11 gear. custom paint with airbrush grille and old school gold leaf lettering.

1948 Ford Anglia

Maiden Voyage of Blown 1946 Ford Coupe
July 4 2010, maiden voyage after breaking in the motor. Still not roadworthy but I couldn't resist a quick spin. This project has been under infrequent construction for 24 years. Next on the list is sheetmetal.