James' 1UZ 5spd powered X-73 Cressida

Just a quick vid of the car showing off its sweet sounding Exhaust from the sweet 1UZ.

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Street drifting! x Cressida drift
I got the honor of test driving Brads DOLPHIN NOISE* swapped Cressida!! While on the test drive we run into some friends! Then it was drift time! Check out the review of this beast in EP 2!

Blue Bomber: Justin Lucas' 1UZ Cressida
Check out the unique Ford-supercharged, Lexus 1UZ-powered Toyota Cressida of Justin Lucas, ripping at Pat's Acres Racing Complex in Canby, Oregon. Dustin St. Hilaire // Jessup Visual Works http://www.facebook.com/jessupvisualworks

Cressida with 1UZ swap and full 3" Stainless exhaust.
1UZ swap, 3 inch stainless down pipes to a 3 inch stainless Y pipe feeding a Dynomax stainless 3 inch straight through muffler. Muffler was mounted in the middle instead of the end of the Exhaust for a deeper and throatier tune. Enjoy.

1988 Toyota Cressida MX73 with 1UZ from LS400 on Sportmax 962's XXR's and NRG Quick release combo