2004 Acura 3.2 TL 6-Speed Sedan

New Star Auto Sales Group 1239 McCarter Highway Newark, NJ 07104 973-497-1002 http://www.NewStarAutoGroup.com Acura has dramatically redesigned its midsize luxury performance sedan for 2004, calling it "all new." A new 3.2-liter V-6 engine that delivers 270 horsepower with a close-ratio six-speed-manual .

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2004 Acura TL 6-speed Drag Racing.
2004 TL only mod is a CAI.

05 Acura TL 6 speed manual vs civic gsr swap hatch
Pretty cool comeback.

The 5 Worst Interior and Exterior Design Issues with the Acura TL
The 2004-2008 Acura TL is one of the best Japanese sedans ever created, but it has a few design flaws that could've been better engineered. In this video, I cover the top 5 worst design issues that affect the 3rd generation Acura TL and even though these issues range from minor to relatively major, they are annoying to live with as an owner of one of these vehicles and they make me ask myself, "What was Honda/Acura thinking?" However, I still very much enjoy driving this vehicle and I hope it continues to provide me reliable transportation for years to come.

HAPPY FRIDAY!! - 5 things i love about my Acura TL
Today we discuss the top 5 things i love about my Acura TL! From comfort to production i break down the best bits and pieces of the 2005 Acura TL with a little honorary mention in the end! [SUBSCRIBE] for more videos on my Acura TL, future build ideas, Tutorials, and VLOGS! [Instagram] https://www.instagram.com/jordanjewell1/ [Twitter] https://twitter.com/JordanJewell13 [Intro & Outro + Music] http://panzoid.com/tools/clipmaker