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This video is of a CD4E transaxle. This transmission is used in a variety of applications including Ford Escapes, Mercury Mariner ,Mazda Tributes, and a variety of passenger cars. The CD4E transmission is used because it is a compact design that fits many front wheel drive applications. The CD4E transmission has five sets of clutches, two sprags and one band. Many of the problems we see here at Meenan Transmission that occur with the CD4E transmissions are control related. This transmission has a control solenoid pack that contains multiple solenoids that control shift functions, pressure rise, and torque converter lock up functions. This solenoid pack can malfunction and this can cause some drivability concerns. It can also cause a malfunction indicator light to come on or the over drive light to blink. The other more common control related problem is with the pressure regulator section of the valve body. This occurs over time and can lead to a condition where line pressure can go beyond normal and acceptable levels. This over pressure condition can cause internal parts failure. This will likely require removal of the transmission and disassembly for full evaluation. Some of the parts that are prone for failure the forward/direct clutch drum and the overdrive band. When we rebuild CD4E at Meenan Transmissions we take all steps necessary to ensure that a repeat occurrence of these failures can't take place by performing control system modifications that address the route cause of the parts failure. CD4E transmissions after they are rebuilt and modified have proven to be a trouble free reliable transmission and can provide years of trouble free service. SM ____________________________________________________________

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