S2000 vs Z4 3.0

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Belarus, Kurgan - z4 vs. s2000
Belarus, Kurgan - z4 vs. s2000

2006 Honda S2000 vs 2008 BMW 335i (JB4)
Both cars are lightly modded... 2006 Honda S2000: - K&N FIPK CAI - Tanabe Medallion Touring Cat-back Exhaust - Berk Test Pipe 2008 BMW 335i (E93): - JB4 (map 5) - BMS DCI

S2000 vs Boxster S vs Z vs Z4 vs SLK 55 vs Crossfire 5 Lap Track Battle
S2000/Elise/Corvette/Boxster Reviews @ Start of Video, then Track Battle Car Intros start @ 14:56 w/ Track Battle @ 19:04 Honda S2000 Type V vs Lotus Elise vs Porsche Boxster S vs BMW Z4 vs Mercedes SLK 55 AMG vs Nissan Fairlady Z Roadster vs Chrysler Crossfire

S2000 and Z4 chase wild Ferraris on the Touge
GoPro footage of a 360 Challenge Stradale and F430 some friends and I encountered during our first run on a local touge. We happened to meet the friendly owners and their GoPro-equipped Ferraris at a Junction point, then parted ways. A few minutes later I spot a red stallion (the F430) in my rear view! It passes my S2000 on the uphill (over twice the torque) and my friend in his E89 sDrive30i begins to chase. Meanwhile, the 360CS catches up to me, passes, and I had no choice but to chase... Other cars in the video: Z4 sDrive30i (6MT) FR-S (auto) Focus ST (6MT) WRX hatch (5MT)