S2000 vs Z4 3.0

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S2000 vs Boxster S vs Z vs Z4 vs SLK 55 vs Crossfire 5 Lap Track Battle
S2000/Elise/Corvette/Boxster Reviews @ Start of Video, then Track Battle Car Intros start @ 14:56 w/ Track Battle @ 19:04 Honda S2000 Type V vs Lotus Elise vs Porsche Boxster S vs BMW Z4 vs Mercedes SLK 55 AMG vs Nissan Fairlady Z Roadster vs Chrysler Crossfire

Why I bought a Z4 over an S2000 or Miata
My first video blog! I discuss why I bought a BMW Z4 and not the Honda S2000 or Mazda Miata, which are two very likely alternatives to the Z4. This isn't a video about how the Z4 is better than the S2000 or Miata. It's simply a video about why I ended up buying a Z4. So if you're here to debate which car is the best, my opinion is and will remain the following: I think that while they are all in the same class of vehicles, they serve different purposes and therefore could be considered best in different situations.

S2000 vs 350z
Taken off my photobucket Mods listed in video from 20-130 check out my gaming channel xcasegamingx www.youtube.com/xcasegamingx

Belarus, Kurgan - z4 vs. s2000
Belarus, Kurgan - z4 vs. s2000