AUDI Quattro on Ice |KR86|

Audi A4 2.5 TDI Quattro mit EDS

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Quattro - test Torsen
Test diferenciálu Torsen

RS4 Quattro Ice Drifting
Audi RS4 Ice Drifting on frozen lake.

Audi quattro - The Bratsigovo Test
Audi C4 2.5 TDI quattro with Maloya Cresta 300

Audi A4 offroad, movie 2, tougher terrain
Audi A4 2,8 V6 quattro automat There is now a year since the build of the car was finished and the first test run in the first movie were done. My intention was to get some new clips in deep snow, but we didn´t get it in sweden this winter so there is only a short part on snow. The biggest part of the movie is from driving last week on the same track as before, Aspnäsbanan, but on harder paths and the swamp. Fedima Extreme Evolution 205x70x15 tires on 6,5x15” rims ET35. 20mm bolt-on spacers front and 30mm rear. Approximatly 100 mm raise with home made sleeves on the front struts and new fastener plates against the rear struts welded on top of the lower wishbone. Bumper and skid plates is made in 3 mm steel plates. See pictures on and the first movie on