Ford cougar aceleracion

aceleracion de cougarmostw4nted prueba de aceleracion

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01 cougar IMRC replacement tutorial
the imrc or intake manifold runner control is a module that opens a second set of intake valves for more power at high rpm's. here is a short, to-the-point video on the replacement of this part.

Ford cougar v6 acceleration
I tried out the cougar with the traction control for the first time, I wimped out and didnt red line it, mechanical sympathy kicked in.

my ford cougar
pos este es mi coche

Piotr Glock - Ford Cougar - Puchar Jesieni SuperOES - Tor Kielce 11-11-2010 - nagrania przejazdow wszystkich startujacych Piotr Glock Ford Cuguar Puchar Jesieni SuperOES Tor Kielce 11-11-2010