APR B5 S4 RSC Exhaust System

Reflective Sound Cancellation allows for maximum Exhaust gas flow while completely eliminating in cabin sound resonance (drone). RSC™ incorporates innovative technologies developed in conjunction with NASA. With limited use of packing materials and no baffles, RSC™ allows for a completely straight and free flowing Exhaust path through the RSC™ mufflers. Reflective Cancellation bounces the undesirable sound waves into each other to attenuate the wave and completely eliminate the low frequency tones that create drone. Each RSC™ muffler is tuned to eliminate specific, undesirable sound frequencies allowing only the engine's desirable Exhaust notes to be heard and improving performance. The B5 S4 in the video has a full APR RSC Exhaust System with an APR Stage III K04 turbocharger System.

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[450 HP] Yellow Audi S4 B5 (Revs, Accelerations and Fly-By)
Page Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/TRCarSpotting/ Superbe Audi S4 B5 pour une vidéo ou ses performances sont mise à rude épreuve ! Cette Audi S4 B5 développe 450 chevaux, elle à donc subit comme modifications, les suivantes : - turbos k04 - Grosse pompe à essence gros débit RS4 - Injecteurs 650cc - Admission RS4 - Réducteur de température - Gestion sybelle c6 avec cartographie à l'éthanol. Etc... Le tout en vous souhaitant un bon visonnage ! Magnificent Audi S4 B5 for a video or its performances are tested severely! This Audi S4 B5 develops 450 hp, with some modifications like the following ones: - turbos k04 - Big gas pump big flow RS4 - Injectors 650cc - Admission RS4 - Reducer of temperature - Management sybelle c6 with mapping in the ethanol. Etc.... Musique : San Holo - We Rise Enjoy the video ! T&R CarSpotting

034Motorsport B5 Audi S4 3.5" Single Muffler Exhaust & Tial 605 Turbochargers
Customer footage of our 034Motorsport B5 Audi S4 3.5" Single Muffler Exhaust System on a Tial 605 car. For more information on the Exhaust, click here: http://tinyurl.com/8ykgn55

Audi S4 Featuring Fast Intentions Custom Exhaust
Great footage of a B5 Audi S4 with a custom Exhaust from Fast Intentions. Sounds exotic!

2000 audi s4 st2 3" full turbo back exhaust
3 inch full, no cats, no resonators, no nothing, just 3 inch straight pipe from turbos to the back. stock K03 turbos.