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The Sound of BRM
The Sound of BRM : Slideshow with authentic sound of BRM V16-engine. Includes pictures of BRM and Lotus F1-cars which used BRM-engines.

My cat's following me everywhere
I'm not sure if I have a dog who looks like a cat or just a cat who thinks he's a dog. When not sleeping or eating, he's following almost my every movement.

She can't Meow...
This is my cat, Olga... She's 6 months old now but still She can't meow like an proper cat... :D She's just "chatting" with those roadrunner a-like voices... :D Meep.

F-18 Hornet Solo - The Midnight Sun Airshow 2012
Finnish Air Forces' F-18 Hornet performing it's 2nd solo flight of the day @ The Midnight Sun Airshow 2012.