1973 Roadrunner Resto Chapter X

The Scab receives more attention: the right door and trunk lid get putty sprayed on them (3 coats). Next is the filler primer (aka sanding primer). http://flickr.com/tm_artists/sets

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RoadRunner Restoration
Restoration of my 1973 Plymouth Roadrunner up until Dec. 24, 2009

Time-lapse Painting of a 1970 Plymouth Road Runner
Follow some of our restoration projects online by clicking here: http://www.customclassics.net/auto-restoration/restoration/projects/ Video of our painter Dan Mason, painting a 1970 Plymouth Road Runner yellow. Some time-lapse video, some detail shots. Mind you this hasn't been wet sanded yet and there's still a lot of work left - but it still looks AWESOME. Paint by Custom Classics www.customclassics.net (847) 487-2272 Song Information: Title: Yellow Artist: Coldplay EMI Records Ltd 2000 Alternative Rock

DIY How To Spray Primer Surfacer - Automotive Paint and Refinish Training in HD
Looking For Paint Supplies? Check out http://www.collisionblast.com/paint-supplies for the best online prices and receive front door service. Looking For More Training? Visit http://CollisionBlast.com to Subscribe For Access To Hours of FREE Training. Let's make your Dream Car Become A Reality.To stay updated with upcoming videos and hours of free training, visit http://CollisionBlast.com In this video we are going to apply primer surfacer. The repair has already been cleaned, masked and sprayed with epoxy primer. Now the filler primer or primer surfacer ia applied to fill any scratched left by the sanding. Once the primer surfacer is applied, you can block sand the surface, which should be ready for sealer, paint and clear. If not, it may be necessary to repeat this step. The goal is to sand all of the guide coat off without sanding through the primer surfacer ot epoxy coatings. Step 1 - Mix the primer surfacer (most primer surfacers do NOT have an induction time. mix and spray) Step 2 - Read the procedure pages for specific recommendations. For the primer we used, the epoxy requires a flash time of 30 minutes. This means that the primer should dry for at least 30 minutes. However, this epoxy has a 72 hour window. This means that you have up to 72 hours to spray on top of it without sanding. If more than 72 hours has passed, you must scuff the panel to provide mechanical adhesion. Step 3 - Apply the primer to surface. Again, read your procedure pages. This primer state to apply to coats. Be sure to wait the recommended flash time between coats. Now allow the primer to dry thoroughly, before block sanding. The primer we used said to wait at least 3 hours, but I always like to wait longer to ensure it had adequate time to dry. Also check out http://MyMustangRestoration.com

1973 Roadrunner resto XI: the 440
Temporary installation of the 1971 440 into the car to consolidate the parts, stuff and 'bits.' The engine will be pulled soon, cleaned, painted, re-gasketed and mated to the numbers matching Fireball Automatics-rebuilt 727 the installed for good. Chivvies and Frauds beware. ((Sensitive types and kids note there is a lot of swearing in the video - but not my me, heh.))