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Sky News Paper Review giggles with Andrew Pierce, Kevin Maguire and Anna Botting
Sky News paper reviewers get the giggles and have to go to an early ad break to recover, despite Anna Botting's valiant attempt to steer the review back on course. Great stuff! 12 Sept 2011.

Marina Berry "It writes nice"
Scholar and trained journalist Marina Berry extols the virtues of a Schaffer pen on Bid TV, much to the chagrin of Peter Simon. 8 Dec 2011. Marina has referred to this phrase over a year and half after this happened when pens are on.

Peter Simon eats ice cream
On an incredible sugar high from a previous item, Peter Simon sells some wafer cone ice cream bowls using melted ice cream and squirty cream. Surreal and quiet without the usual background music, and, as it's Peter, a complete bloody mess.

Bid TV New Year 2011
Peter Simon counts down the last moments of 2010 with the Bid TV crew.