Twin turbo chevette dyno

309 rwhp, 378 lb-ft @ 10psi

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Só chevette, Chevette rebaixado,Chevette original, turbo, rebaixado, top.
Faaaaaala galeraaaa, vídeo top feito para pessoas que gostam e admiram um bom chevette seja ele rebaixado original ou turbo. Pagina do Face

1500hp Chevette??? WTF!?
85hp from the factory witha 90ci motor... you would have never expected to see the Chevrolet Chevette on a race track..especially at DRAG WEEK! This Chevette has had some extreme modifications made to it, including a huge 555 cubic-inch, twin-turbo motor pushing it down the 1320 in less than 8 seconds!! Would you have the balls to drive this thing?! —————————————————— Subscribe ► 1320Video Gear ► Facebook ► Instagram ► Twitter ►

chevette V6 dragcar/street car
1981 chevette with radical chevy 229 V6, turbo 350, ford rear.

GoPro Chevette Turbo - Voltinha para esquentar o motor
Chevette 1978 motor de chevette turbo. Sábado de manhã é dia de tirar os carangos da garagem para dar aquele rolezinho.